Meet your Goal Guide

Kedisha Mclaughlin

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Welcome to Marketing Goal Mind!


I am Kedisha Mclaughlin and I will be your " Goal Guide" for this new journey. 

Marketing Goal Mind was created to cater to small businesses including budding entrepreneurs who are fearful to make the first step. We first target the mindset to ensure that our clients are open to make positive changes that can inspire their growth. We offer one-on-one training sessions, pre-recorded courses, mentorship programs as well as digital marketing services to elevate your business to corporate standards. 

All programs were designed and training sessions will be conducted by your personal Goal Guide...me!

Marketing has always been my passion and also my area of advanced study. However, throughout the 4 years of attaining my BSC Marketing, my goal was always to incorporate what I've learnt into my business. Over the years, my consistent promotions and advertising campaigns grew an audience that lauded my marketing skills. As I grew more experience, knowledge and support. It has led me to not only significantly grow my business but it has inspired me to share this knowledge and offer my expertise to uniquely tailor programs to elevate other businesses to achieve their ultimate "Goal in Mind".

Marketing Goal Mind is unique because we would love to nurture your business on a timeless journey, sustaining their focus on the road map of success. Times are ever-changing and its our mission to help our clients adapt to the new norm and build a progressive relationship while we assiduously accomplish your dreams. We are here to guide you along your entrepreneurial journey from logo design to web design to marketing and sales. We aspire to have a community of "Goal Getters" who will network and build strong connections among themselves while uplifting other small businesses as they grow into massive corporations.